God loves you and believes in YOU!

You know, I love picture quotes. Sometimes, these are just enough to lift us up when we need a boost. I am particularly fond of those that remind us to “believe in ourselves.” Personally, I am always seeking ways to encourage. motivate and inspire others. Life is not meant to be lived in vain friends. I believe that the “lessons” that we learn in life should be soaked up, processed and absorbed and used to help others. It always helps me when I think about the fact that, if God can believe in me, I should be able to believe in me! Here is a word of encouragement friends. No matter where you are in life right now, seek encouragement knowing that you serve a GREAT GOD and if HE can believe in you… so must YOU believe in you! Here is to a life of passion, purpose and JOY! ~Ashley



  1. Absolutely! I’m thinking about you, and how great your speaking engagement lter this week will be! BELIEVE!

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