About Ashley Poptodorova & P31 Chick



About Ashley:

Ashley Poptodorova is an enthusiastic fitness professional, aspiring Author and Blogger (P31Chick.com), Professional Speaker and wife who has a zest and passion for helping others achieve optimal health. Ashley knows and understands the emotional, physical and mental mindset that is required to achieve goals, as she herself once weighed 208 pounds! After successfully losing 80 pounds and overhauling her lifestyle, Ashley along with her biggest supporter & husband Alex decided to make their living helping others to create healthy lifestyle changes.

Today, Ashley is an aspiring Author who is currently in the process of writing her first of four books. She is working towards becoming a distinguished Author and currently has planned two memoirs, a book of quotes and a book of hope and inspiration for Foster children.

Ashley, having faced numerous adversities in her life, is using her life experiences to touch others through her gift of writing and speaking. She has a deep desire to help others understand that no matter what their circumstances may be, leading a deeply fulfilling life is achievable.

Ashley created the blog “P31 Chick” to motivate, inspire and encourage others with an emphasis on building up Women and today’s youth girls.

Ashley is also a Crowns for Christ event speaker, https://www.facebook.com/CrownsforChrist?fref=ts
She is excited to be bringing her passion for life and love for God to women all over the world! These refreshing two-day conferences are a wonderful way for Women to unite, gain encouragement and build friendships and Ashley is honored to be a C4C Speaker.

Ashley has spoken among gifted and world renowned speakers such as Brian Tracy, Lisa Whelchel, David Wolfe and many more. If you are looking for a motivating, uplifting and transparent speaker than contact Ashley Poptodorova to speak at your next conference or event.

  • Ashley is a vivacious and energetic speaker whose passion for life and love of Christ are her firm foundation. Ashley is a dynamic motivational speaker who can speak on a multitude of topics including:
  • Self esteem/self talk– Recognizing the signs and symptoms of poor self esteem and improving self esteem/self talk to achieve an AMAZING life!
  • Motivation/Self motivation– What is it and how do we maintain it?
  • Today’s Teens– Navigating obstacles and solutions that face today’s teens! Practical tools to help our teens become motivated, driven and focused on leading purpose driven lives.
  • Health & Longevity– Ways to lead a healthy life and improving longevity through implementation of fitness and nutrition. 
  • Time Efficient Fitness- Everything you need to know to “fit” fitness into your busy life, practical tips and tools for doing so.
  • Abuse awareness– Recognizing signs and symptoms of abuse and how to overcome and lead the life you deserve.
  • Fostering- “Mommy dearest, Daddy dearest” – are you prepared  to foster? Tips/tools to build up our youth from a former foster child!
  • Adoption– Whether you are considering adoption or have given a child up for adoption, Ashley will challenge you with fresh perspectives for making the right decisions and ways to navigate this fragile process.
  • Churches/Christian conferences– Ashley loves sharing of Gods love and igniting a desire to know the Lord! Whatever topics you are interested in, please request. Whether it be through her own life experiences or biblical knowledge- Ashley can bring a passion and desire for knowing the Lord to your church or conference! 
  • Women’s issues– The Empowered Woman, Overcoming past pains, Effectively dealing with emotions, It’s ok to say “no”,  and many more- Ashley has various topics that will relate to, inspire/motivate and encourage women! 
  • Leadership- What is leadership really? Are you a leader? If you want to know more about becoming a Leader and how to act as a Leader, contact Ashley for this engaging and empowering topic!
  • Goal Setting– the in’s and out’s of properly setting goals and what you need to know.
  • What is stress and how do we manage it? 
  • Principles for creating POSITIVE CHANGE in your life! 
  • Overcoming Obstacles– Practical ways to use the obstacles in your life as stepping stones to SUCCESS.
  • Restoring Relationships and bringing back your marriage– Ways to improve your relationship, communication and re-igniting the fire within your marriage.
  •  To book Ashley today for your speaking engagement please email:
  • ashley.poptodorova@gmail.com or call 727-385-7177

541786_4287209424917_2022632751_n-1Myself and Brian Tracy at the 2012 Leadership & Longevity conference

What is P31 Chick?

A message from Ashley:

I am SO glad you are here! I believe that there is something here for you to learn, grow and mature in Christ! I founded P31 Chick out of a desire to help Women and girls alike to realize their powerful ability to impact this world. I notice that more and more girls are searching to fill needs that can only be filled by getting to know the one who made them. Our world tells you to search for money, fame, love and everything else to achieve happiness. I want to teach you a different way to impact your life and the lives of others! 🙂
Growing up I faced many struggles and it wasn’t until I laid down the worldly way of doing things and picked up “His way” that my life changed. Despite all of the tough times in my life, Christ was always there guiding me and teaching me. He will do the same for YOU! You are His princess, valued and loved.
Believe it!

This blog will provide you with knowledge, tips and tools to live your best life! P31 Chick will feature many posts on a variety of topics and will spotlight girls making “moves” in their own lives. Real girls just like YOU! We will offer daily fun tips on health and fitness and will share with you a love story unlike any other. A love story that YOU are a part of.

A P31 Chick is bright, valued, smart, worthy and loved. You were created for a purpose and we want to help you find that purpose! Christ knit you together in your Mothers womb and knew you long before you arrived in this world.
P31 Chick’s are fearless and fun and they are clothed in strength and dignity, laughing without fear of the future.

YOU my dear are a P31 Chick! If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me through the contact page and I will answer your question!
In the meantime, please have fun reading and interacting with our blog and please help me to PAY IT FORWARD by introducing new P31 Chicks to the site!

God Bless you Princess!
~Ashley Poptodorova
Founder, P31 Chick



  1. I’ll be visiting your blog more often. I need more of this positive energy in my life.
    Thank you for all you share with us.

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